Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm getting Abstractualized

This first painting started out originally in my mind as a sunset. I wanted to try something with a lot of red, orange and yellow and what better way than a pretty sunset right?

Yeah, it sort of got away from me and started shifting more into a painting of fire. I can't decide if it's dark and depressing or not, but I do like how the mixing worked out and blended well.
Failing miserably at making a pretty sunset I made another attempt at a pretty sky, this time a bright spring morning with lovely fluffy clouds.
If you can't tell from the 2D picture the clouds are actually coming at you with lots of crazy texture, and all without requiring the aid of those red and green glasses. Fascinating, eh? 3D everything is the wave of the future.

Now to put on my Virtual Reality Goggles and really feel like I'm watching something on Youtube.

I really need to get that pretty cardinal picture on canvas but I'm going to have a small break this weekend as my best friend and her son visit.

Tomorrow I'll have a fun announcement surprise that has something to do with this and this.


Linda said...

I like both of these!

melissa said...

I like the cloud one. What is your announcement? I hate when people tease like this, the suspense kills me.

Rachel said...

Oooooh, I love the clouds! Remember that song from the early '90's about the little fluffy clouds?? It was like a trance-hop or something like that, with a lady talking over the music about little fluffy clouds??

By the way, I meant to say LOL about the dorm-room style comment!!! I'd call your style more whimsical!

Meg said...

I really like those. Especially the top one. It looks to me like fire, at night, with lots of smoke. Very cool.

AmyJean said...

I'm gone for a few days and now you are practically a professional... loving the images, and girl, i'm impressed... still. i wish i had 1/10th the skill you do!