Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 112

It was such an ominous day yesterday you could practically see the ominum hanging in the sky. Once we were heading home the wind that had been giving a good effort the whole day really threw its back into it.

As the radio droned on about tornadoes touching down south of us, we pulled up to our apartment. Just how windy was it? This is a small little pond right in front of our apartment complex that is just one quick gust away from white heads.It was so bad I could barely get a picture. I kept having the camera pushed out of my hands by the wind. I was also messing around with white balance per Jenna's instructions. While some very wonderful tips, when you are battling 50mph winds to stay vertical is not the time to play.

Even though I left the wind outside to play, the ominousness followed me inside. Dinner was a big ol' disaster. Never ever rely on chili mixes, even if you run out of chili powder. Just suck it up and go and buy some or make Hamburger Helper.

After dinner, as we were clearing up the dishes, disaster struck.

First there was a crash, a few choice words, and then it was all over. One of our glass bowls bit the big one and after having to taste that horrific chili took a tumble off the counter:It was while we went into lab "damn I broke another beaker" glass clean up mode my husband pointed out that not only was this a big pain in the ass but it was also a first.

This was the first piece of serving ware we've have break on us since we first moved in together. Not bad for only losing one bowl (and a crap ton of cheap flatware that the dishwater ate) in a year and a half. You know all those firsts you see someone list when you start a relationship or get married? Somehow I doubt breaking your first big glass piece is in there.

Do you remember the first big thing you and your significant other broke together? Is anyone else a pro at glass clean up?


withoutadornment said...

I broke a champagne glass that one of our neighbours gave us. Goes to show that you shouldn't put fancy stemware on the top shelf that even my 5'11" self has difficulty reaching.

That's pretty darn windy!

Lindsey said...

Oh gosh I'm such a klutz and have broken wine glasses and bowls...strangly always while doing dishes.

Chesney said...

Can you believe this weather, tornado warnings, and now possible snow this weekend, EEEEEKKKK!! I can't remember the 1st thing me and the hubby ever broke together (we are going to hit that 18th anniversary in October)! Although I can say, we have broken tons over the years!

Linda said...

We break lots of glasses. I'm so glad we got a whole set for the wedding. We've only broken one of those so far.
That glass broke pretty neatly. It's such a pretty blue, I would make something with it.

valerie said...

brett and i broke our beloved buddha statue that had a nice prominent place on our mantel. the irony behind it was... we broke it while hanging up the tree of life. sad times.

other than that, we haven't broken anything major that i know of or can remember. i guess it wouldn't be that major if i couldn't remember breaking it, huh? haha