Monday, March 23, 2009

Introverted Mascot

I was just thinking that what I could really use around here are some adorable baby turtles I could watch walk and swim around and feed whenever I wish.

And behold someone on the internet gave me that option. Just click on the area to leave some food for the baby turtles.

If you want your own little pet they have tons of options from hamsters to fish to penguins to spiders and you can alter a ton of settings. Just click here.

But baby turtles really are the cutest, you can't deny that.

Okay I just realized you can pick them up and drag them around and then you drop they spin around. Poor little turtles. I really shouldn't be giggling every time I do it.


Linda said...


Chesney said...

Who needs baby turtles when you have a 100 gallon tank of turtles! Although, I have to say, yours are better, you don't have to wash the tank or feed them!!

Mo said...

I left some food for them, hope they liked it. =)

Shell said...

aww, how fun! They are very cute :)