Monday, August 3, 2009

An Angel among the Trees

Even though all of my previous weekend plans were bust, the wasp stings did force me to lock myself in my room and finally finish the painting I've been dreading for over a month.

Before the weekend all I had was a green sky, brown and red leaves for the ground and a sketched and taped up angel on a nice chunk of 16X20 canvas.

I got nice and loopy on a ton of anti-histamines, covered my ear in hydrocortizone and banged out this forest in about 3 hours:For the detail on the angel I "sobered" up the next day a touch because it's really hard to make tiny eyes when your head is floating three feet above your neck. Just to give you an idea, just the angel took about as long as all the trees.

This is another one of those paintings that looks so much better in real life. The white against the dark forest really makes the angel look like she's glowing and the trees have a bit more color to them. I'd almost be curious to see what the painting would look like if it was lighted from behind instead of in front.

The important thing is I managed, with about a month to spare, to finish the dreaded angel in trees and even though I still don't like the way I paint faces I do think the clothes and wings look really cool.

I also finally finished a dress that I've been sitting on since my birthday (had to get more black paint) so for it being a drug induced lost weekend I'm rather impressed with myself for getting most of two paintings out the door. This whole moving thing sort of put me out of business for almost a month so it was really nice to be able to devote a weekend to putting pigment on canvas.

I don't know why I keep giving away all my large endeavours but it gives me a chance to get outside my comfort zone somewhat (or a crap ton) so I don't really mind making a nice size of cool wall art for my friends for free. If only I could convince someone else to dare and take me up on the offer, if you have faith in my making something new and strange then you're gonna get one hell of a deal.

I best go back to begging people to pimp my wedding dress paintings in the mean time.


Chesney said...

very creative, this turned out awesome!

Shell @ Disappearing Mist said...

You did great on this one! It's fascinating!