Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 265

It's just 100 days before this crazy picture a day project is over! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm 92% positive it's just a couple of kids on bicycles wearing spelunker helmets.

As I would assume all community colleges across the nation do every semester we get a new "Adult" continuing education classes booklet to show off all the cool courses one could take for non credit. Like, for example, a chance to finally learn how to make polymer beads or refurbish old furniture or the always sold out how to build a Death Star in under a year but get taken down by teddy bears with slingshots.

I like to flip through just to see if anything strikes my fancy (like the Halloween prop building class we signed up for way back when my life was dull -- a puppy and new house will fix any dull lives right up). The computer section is always laughably bad, beginners course generally includes how to turn on the computer, how to make a new folder and how to open up a program. Anything past that is considered intermediate.

Even knowing that I did a double take when I saw this class being advertised.Why? Why must you torment us who actually have been on facebook since it was designed around college students? (Remember when you could add your classes and find other people who shared class and get notes and that was the whole point? Yeah me neither). The last thing any of us wants to do is have our grandmother logging onto facebook and writing on our wall everyday "Hi Julie, this is Nana. You must have a better picture that shows off your beautiful face. I see you're still listed as single. You know Mrs. Mooney has a lovely grandson, he still lives in her basement and works at the local gas station. You should really give him a call. Love Nana."

And can anyone believe they're actually charging $15 a pop to show someone how to upload a picture, type some info and then warn them with a flaming log away from ever using a single application?

I need to get in on this. Only for the low price of $10 I will teach Twitter for Old Farts.

The class will begin with me waxing about the amazing powers of twitter and all you can accomplish if you know the right connections and have billions of followers you want to reach. Knowing that they'll never have that kind of influence unless a piano playing cat is involved.

Then I'll finally, after much hand holding, get everyone an account and teach them how to leave 140 character messages.

Next class will begin and end with us arguing over why it can only be 140 characters (note, you shall have to take my $100 Twitter class to learn Twit shorthand) and how one cannot get those cute little smiley faces on there no matter how hard they type :D.

Finally, last day of class each student will put up a tweet, follow each other (and for a dose of celebrity see if I can find Matlock to follow) so they can then read everyone elses tweets about being in a Twitter class and then RT those tweets of their classmates.

Then I shall Rule the World!

Or at least drive anyone who's related to Nana completely insane with all her Tweets about how to get the facebook to upload a picture.

You're welcome world.


Ruby Slippers said...

Mwahaha!! You will indeed rule the world.
My mother asks me what the differece is between FB and Twitter. I think she knows what a blog is now.

Leslie said...

Sadly, I actually encouraged my dad to get on Facebook. I've enjoyed connecting with some of my dad's friends so I think it'd be good for him. My dad is different than other people's parents though in the sense that he'd never post crazy stuff like who to hook up with. Unfortunately if he looks at a computer wrong it seems to break. Either that or he gets addicted to either solitaire or Ebay. If my Grandma had any computer skills at all, I'd totally encourage her also, as that's how I have learned so much about my HUGE family tree.

Chesney said...

Too funny, but the sad thing is, think how many people do pay for this service...

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny. You know, parents could also do the unspeakable thing and ask their kids to show them for *gasp* free. But I guess then they have to convince their kid that it's not super embarrassing or uncool for them. :P

Linda said...

My mom had issues with voicemail. She thought it was like an answering machine and would say things like "Linda, are you there? Hello? Pick up the phone. It's your mom?" That was way before she got sick. Email and computers were so out of her league.
My dad loves his computer although I discourage him from Facebook since he'll most likely get lost and wind up in a Vampire War.