Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 244

I've watched as others across the blog-o-sphere dive head first into their businesses and endeavours after the wedding. (I really should get a list up sometime of all the people who are using their talents to make some money once the wedding is over. Nice way to show that no, we don't all wallow in self despair once the rice is tossed).

And while they're out in the deep end talking about insurance plans and lawyers, I'm standing back at the kiddie pool complaining about the possibility of sharks and wondering if I should head back to get a snow cone.

But over the weekend I valiantly took a tiny toe crawl forward. Relying on photoshop, some simple templates and swearing up a storm at Word (I think it knows I'm a mac user and passively likes to refuse to work) I finally created my very own business card:The swirly mess is actually words in real life (I walk that thin line that if anyone wanted to find out my full name and address they wouldn't have to work too hard but hope that I'm just too dull for anyone to care). I kept it pretty simple and nothing too exciting because well, there is that nice snow cone stand still back at the beach and sometimes you got to take a break from standing in ankle deep water, right?

I really love the back, but that's just because I still love all the graphics my friend came up with for me.I'm still kicking around a few other ideas. I need to make a website/blog devoted to just the paintings so if someone wants to see my "portfolio" they have one place to go to instead of hunting and pecking through my blog.

And even though I've only had one sale, I should probably make non wedding business cards for anyone who wants to buy a painting of some water or a tree or the like. It's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-the grad student.

What do you think? Casual enough to reflect the fact that I run my business off of a card table covered in apples and pears but professional enough to be taken somewhat seriously so I could hope for a few referals?

I'm serious about the list too. I'm aware of some people getting into it, but if you've recently started an endeavour be it a photog business, decoration gig, or writing a book please leave a comment or drop kick me an e-mail. I'd love to highlight the work of friends and maybe help to garnish up some business.


Chesney said...

I love the simplicity of the card - it gets straight to the point! Nice job! Before long you will be wishing you were on that beach w/ the snow cone stand (you won't be able to keep up)! :)

Ruby Slippers said...

Oh, don't worry, I hear you. Certain talented people make us look bad, by finding lawyers and having contracts and liability insurance and all sorts of exciting equipment, and I'm just asking my family if I can take pictures of them. :-) I don't have a business card yet, either. Or a proper website. Or enough experience to advertise. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

Awesome! I'm sure you have posted this somewhere: but say a really really lazy blog-friend FINALLY decided she would send you photos to make her wedding dress/hot dog cart painting- what photos of the dress do you prefer? Dress in action- dress on a hanger?

Sabrina said...

Definetly dress in action. Dresses look so dead on the hanger and take on such life and activity when they're on someone.

Linda said...

Until you get a website/blog for the portfolio, you could tag all your paintings and make a button for people to click on to see all your paintings in one place. Alternatively you could create a set in flickr too.

Shell @ Disappearing Mist said...

The card looks great! Now you can feel all professional :)

I recently started a photography "business" of selling landscape and nature prints. http://michellesimpsonphotos.com It's still in its baby form, but I'm working on promoting it more.

I look forward to the list!