Friday, August 21, 2009

How do you see me?

Apparently MIT doesn't have anything all that important to get to, so they have created a program that will allow you to enter a name into a program which then determines how the internet views you.

It's called Personas and I tried playing with it a bit before realizing just how woefully boring my official real name presence is across the web (and the fact that I am the only person throughout history to have either my full original maiden or new married name doesn't help things).

So instead I wanted to see what the web thinks of my assumed persona:Click on the image to see it bigger, but apparently I am really big into family, social and illegal activities. I have no idea what those illegal activities are unless the feds just found my panda petting zoo in the basement!

I don't quite get the online part either, isn't the whole point to search what's on the web. So it's all on-line then, right?

For curiosities sake I also put in my previous nom de plume and came up with this:I was just a little illegal when I was a Bride, but once the rock was on I turned Bonnie & Clyde taking down banks across the Midwest.

No idea where the fashion, sports or military comes from either. Did I do a post about the newest fashion trends for military schools football teams and just blank on it.

Is it also kinda sad that my fame block is the exact same size as my management? That may explain why I have a bad habit of abandoning ideas (oldfriend/newfind, etsy of the week, zombies in classic lit) in favor of shiny things.

On this dull Friday afternoon as everyone else is off preparing for college to commence on Monday, give the old Personas a little run around the block. I'm curious what it comes up with for other people so please share.


Leslie said...

Apparently my maiden name is impossible to find also. Oh well.

Linda said...

With my maiden name it just came up with our wedding announcement which was kind of lame. My married name is too common and whole bunch of people who are not me came up.
Bummer it looks really cool.

Chesney said...

LOL, how well the computer knows you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! This is so awesome!