Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Etsy Find of the Week - Natures Reflections

After a month of not knowing if I was coming, going, or possibly turned inside out it's nice to get back to a somewhat normal schedule.

I've been perusing Etsy once again trying to find hidden treasures and came across some wonderful nature inspired photos just waiting to decorate someones walls. Allow me to introduce Nature's Reflections:
What I really love is that unlike a lot of other photogs, each 8X10 is only $20. For once I don't feel bad for charging less for an 8X10 painting than most people charge for a print.
If you thought the landscapes were gorgeous check out this hungry tiger. I wouldn't recommend putting it in a nursery unless you want your kids to grow up to be zoo keepers.
My favorite by far is of the plucky little sea turtle with the vibrant blue.
If there were any of baby sea turtles I'd be all over that as my husband is quite smitten with those little bodies with giant flippers trying to make their way to the ocean.

There are some other wonderful pictures of nature including a bee and a froggie, so head on over to Nature's Reflections if you're looking for something out of national geographic to grace your walls.

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Shell @ Disappearing Mist said...

Those are some incredible shots!