Saturday, August 1, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 241

It's kinda strange, adjusting to the home now. My husband's computer is downstairs while mine is in the extra bedroom while the TV is in the living room.

So our old Saturday morning tradition of watching cartoons while we do some computer stuff has flown out the window. Kinda sad, as it was always fun to yell at the TV about just how stupid a character was being, or giggle in disbelief at the plot holes.

But alas, now that can never be. For we are separated by two doors, some stairs and a floor. Short of getting a big drill and making a peep hole into the carpet to talk I just don't think there's much that can be done.

Maybe if I get my hands on two bullhorns, then we can just shout at each other across the house.

I do have some happy news. My husband is now one of thousands of people who knows how to run a lawnmower:He's still learning and will probably figure out his own personal lawn patter over the rest of the summer, but now if for some reason I break my leg (by say falling through the floor because of a large peep hole) I can count on my husband to mow the lawn before wild tigers start to hunt down the neighbor children.


Krista said...

Go hubby go!

We have a cordless electric lawnmower. My hubby likes to use it so much that I'm not allowed to mow the lawn. (Which I'm not complaining about.)

Linda said...

You could twitter each other or use IM. No way to move things so you can be together?