Thursday, August 20, 2009

Etsy Find of the Week - Kermit Biggs Design

This weeks Etsy find comes to us courtesy of Kermit Biggs Design (this is my way of pretending that I didn't abandon this project a month ago and am just getting back to it).

Who doesn't love a little bit of art in an unexpected place? Kleenex and Febreeze are banking on it (still waiting for a Vera Wang air freshener and facial tissue box duo). But how about a piece of art that is also actually useful while you look at it (as opposed to something your dog chews on).

Check out these cool glass cutting boards.It is a little pricey at $38 a pop, but I love the retro bamboo feel for this green one.
Or for any other blue lovers out there like myself, how about a sky impression you can stare at while slicing up oranges (note staring at pretty cutting board while chopping up produce could lead to a trip to the emergency room, stare at your discretion).
Looking for something different and neat while you slave away in the kitchen (or just microwave up some Ramen), check out Kermit Biggs Design.


Leslie said...

I love love love that first one!

Linda said...

Very cool. Would be a great housewarming or wedding gift.