Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Second Verse, better than the First

I've been getting some Dress Painting love lately and I just want to send a big hearty thank you to everyone who took the time to write a review or send me an e-mail. I don't know if it's just because I create something so personal or if other Etsy sellers feel the same way but I do sometimes wonder just what my little paintings get up to once they're out the door.

Hopefully they're at least keeping their frames clean and aren't hanging out with that nasty UV crowd. We don't want any fading now do we?

As some of you may remember awhile back I got a chance to re-paint a dress for one of my first "clients" because her puppies thought that paintings are much tastier than bones and squeaky toys.

Then there was the Wedding Bee finango (I just invented that word, tell me what you think. Could you see it taking off with the "hipsters"? How about the boomer generation?) which caused me to look through some of my old dress paintings.

Jenna's was the first one I did after my own and while some of it is nice (okay just the brooch), I've always felt that there was just something missing. I didn't really capture the dress as well.
So 20 or so more learning experiences later, I tried again. I think I finally got it right the second time.
It makes me happy because it means that I am learning, growing, expanding my talents and all that jazz. It also means that I know when I can do better and have no qualms with trying again.

So I guess that's your second hope for getting a repaint. Either your dog eats it and I get to see adorable pictures of the guilty culprit or I think I can do better and give it a second go around.

What do you think? Does the second look much better than the first? (Pst, it also helps that this is an 8X10 while the original was a 6X8, just so I don't look like a complete loser) Have you ever, for no good reason, just had to go back and recreate something til it looked right to you?


Leslie said...

The second is much better than the first. I love it!

Ruby Slippers said...

I love it too. You've definitely grown, and shouldn't we all? Hopefully my photos are better now than they were when I started, too. I like the bodice much more, but I also like the softer lines overall, too.

Krista said...

Yes, I like the softer lines, too. It's much better because it seems to flow.

Linda said...

Looks great. I do that with recipes. Practice makes perfect.

Jenna said...

You're amazing IW! So excited to hang this in my new apartment.