Friday, August 14, 2009

My Author's Biography

I just finished reading Good Omen's (really good book, everyone should read it but I say that about all of Pratchett's work) and was flipping through the back pages glancing through the Author's Biographies. Both Pratchett and Gaiman made a joke about how no one ever reads those anyway so why not go for broke and be entertaining.

So I figured, what the hell, even though I haven't written anything worth reading (up to and including this post) I'd come up with my own Biography.

On the back cover of the Incredibly Awesome Everyone Must Read Book:
Sabrina always secretly hoped to be rich and famous and pursued a job in the scientific field. About three years in she realized just how foolish of an idea that was. There's a reason you don't see Lab Grunts in the pages of People, unless they're doing an expose on people who look like Bigfoot. After trying her hands at unicycle painting she turned her attention to writing and created this IAEMR book.

She currently lives with her husband and beloved dog who may or may not dress up like Sherlock Holmes and solve mysteries in their spare time. As you'll note the exits are located here and here and if you're getting a hankering for some popped grains drizzled with motor oil our concession stand is still open.

What would your Author's Biography say if you could go for broke? (I also find it hilarious that the spell check is perfectly happy with Pratchett's name but doesn't like Gaiman, taking sides much there Blogger?)


Jennifer said...

I totally want to play!

After failing college Algebra, Jennifer decided to become an English Major. She pursued the Creative Writing track because the professors "were hot". After college Jennifer moved to the Southwest where she lives a happy "dry-heat" existance with her husband.

Jennifer has suprisingly low cholesteral despite her overconsumption of eggs. Jennifer's newest book "The History of the Amrican Egg" will be out never.

Chesney said...

LOL, too funny!