Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In a spooky kinda mood

The cool autumn days are becoming more apparent. Today all the little kids packed their lunches and skipped back to school (and in the horrible rain storm they skipped twice as fast). Fall feels like it's hanging around, just waiting for that first crisp autumn air to come rolling in so it can pull out its crinkly leaves and woodsy fireplaces.

And because it's me I've had Halloween on the brain since oh about the start of August. I wanted to make a tree that was a bit more spooky, something that while simple still had a nice All Hallows Eve tint.

This is what came out. It's also my first big attempt at a willow.I put this up for sale at my Etsy shop, another tree if anyone is interested (and if I like you I may cut you a deal if you contact me before purchase, but remember I have to like you first he he he). I'm still not steady on my legs with the willow yet, I think I need to see some more trees to get a good grasp.

If it helps the sale at all, I painted this while a really adorable puppy slept at my feet. Well sort of slept, there was some getting up and chewing on her toy duck and then bothering my husband. But she was an adorable sleeping puppy for at least a few minutes.

Anyone else getting the fall feelings? Looking forward to the apple bobs, the dark cool nights and all the undead prowling the Earth hoping to suck our brains out of our ear canals?

Huh, must just be me then.

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Carrie Mae said...

Oh wow, Sabrina! This is astounding!

Excellent work.