Friday, August 7, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 247

I've already shown you two of the latest creations to come flopping out of my brand spanking new (1980 counts as new, damn it) painting room but I have been remiss to show off said painting room aside from talking about my log/painting holder.

At first I was waiting to get some stuff in there to help decorate it up a bit. And for a brief 10 minutes it was just perfect, with just the right amount of set pieces and a little flourish here or there. Sadly at the time I was engrossed 8 hours away in wedding stuff and by the time we got back it mutated into a room with boxes of crap strategically placed to cause the most ankle damage possible.

Then I started painting, and the room became an even bigger mess that no sane person would ever dare show off to the world. A normal blogger would spend hours cleaning the place up and organizing it to get just the perfect picture, right?

Good thing I'm not normal.

Allow me to present (I like presenting things. I wonder if they'll let me present the Emmys?) my painting table.Note the lovely sunflower and fruit motif that brings to mind a rather old bottle of applesauce. It's the perfect uninspiring atmosphere that screams artist for just one reason, it was free.

Just about everything on that table is conclusive to creating ravishing paintings that send everyone begging for my work in droves. Pretty fascinating look into my crazy brain, eh?

Of course no painting room is complete without a bunch of old white college room plastic drawers holding all the paint and brushes. Please note my delicate stack of blank canvas tucked away safely against the wall hoping nothing like gravity will attack it.
You can just make out my shipping and delivering system. (Hint it's the boxes in the bottom of the image). We aren't quite up to the need of a giant warehouse yet, but give it time.

One feature I'm rather excited about is the wall. The wall is my latest creation. By hanging one of my paintings that I'm trying to sell on said wall, I can take more pictures of it in its natural habitat instead of just relying on the glossy images of my paintings surrounded by wild grasses or jumping (the only vogue way to sell clothes, apparently).I also got a bunch of those daylight lights for my painting room so I can have a better reflection of all the wavelengths instead of just the yellow dingy ones of regular light. It's crazy just how brighter the daylight ones seem too. I've just got a 60 and a 40 watt bulb in the light fixture and that's plenty.

And because sometimes I need a little help with say a willow tree's basic shape or need to look at a wedding dress picture to find a certain detail my computer sits in the corner just waiting for a little love.
It is kinda weird having my computer face the window that looks out on the street. When I'm waiting for things to load I tend to look out and we all know that'll eventually lead to me stalking people with a high powered lens while my broken femur heals. Not sure how my husband will feel having to play as Grace Kelley though.

Nestled on my computer desk sits my lovely business card holder. Seems about as professional as I get.
Another perk, because there's no real big furniture in there, the acoustics are just about perfect for singing along with big musicals so I can belt out with my iTunes while I paint. I have to have music or I get ansy and the bad things happen.

Maybe at some point I should show off just what I was listening too when I created certain paintings. It might be kinda interesting, or to include on the back of each painting "This was created while jamming to - "

What do you think of my little painting/office room? I really need to come up with a better name. I could call it creativity central, set up a coffee shop and overcharge all the hipsters.


Anonymous said...

It looks like an artist studio to me! [and that is coming from someone who works in a building filled with professional artist studios]

Chesney said...

What a great space, looks bright and cheery and inspiring! I think I would call it your creative den! :)