Thursday, August 27, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 267

Our little girl's lead a pretty sheltered life so far. She's been on a few walks but only seen a couple of other dogs and met some people in our home. Otherwise, it's just been my husband and I in her life.

That all changed yesterday when she had her first doctor's appointment.

The visit went really well. I'm lucky in that my old college roommate is a local vet, and an awesome person all around, so both I and my hubby felt relaxed around her. Essie just tried to lick her nose to death, which she does with everyone she likes.

Our puppy did quite well, there was a big scary looking basset hound (which was actually just a big ol' basset who sat in the corner panting but with puppy vision he was rather scary) which Ess wasn't sure about at first.

There was a brief sniffing when the tails were at half mast, but she quickly got her wag back on. She isn't so sure about other dogs, but oh how she loves other people. Receptionists, vet techs, someone who walks by. They're all awesome in her mind.

She got another vaccine (which didn't phase her one bit, after the ouchie she was right back to licking extermities) and a microchip. That was a bit scarier as it's a really big needle where they insert the chip under her skin so she can be traced if lost.

To help with all the mean people things she got lots of awesome doggie treats after every ouchie.I should back up a bit though in this tale.

In the morning it was raining cats, dogs, horses and some turtles. Lakes sprung up overnight. Noah started a life preserver business on eBay.

And because it was so bad and wasn't going to let up for a while we decided to keep our little girl inside in her crate. I knew she was going to make a mess, but I never thought it'd be that bad.

She pulled the tricky step in poop once and somehow coat everything up to and including herself in it move. We didn't really have time to clean out the crate, her bowls, the toys, and her before leaving for the vet appointment.

So everyone got to meet our puppy with a poop smeared ear.

I had to be careful in cleaning off her toys too, as the duck that made noise was covered from tuft to webbed toes. He couldn't go in the wash so I pulled out my Dawn and reenacted their latest ad campaign only replacing oil for poop and duckling for chewed puppy toy.
She came out smelling like roses after her bath, okay actually peach mango, and her coat is so shiny and soft. It's eerie how much she looks like her mother, they even both do this weird lip curl thing. It isn't a sign they're mad or scared, just something they do randomly when eating or playing.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop really. We've had some separation anxiety and had quite a few accidents in the house but so far she's been a model puppy.

This can't be right. I'm beginning to think she was switched at birth or something.


Chesney said...

Aw...the puppy fun begins LOL! I have a little shih tzu (Bogart, but we call him Bogy) who when every time he gets a bath he goes outside and rolls in poop! He always has the biggest smile when he comes in, yech!!! But you gotta love him!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your first trip to the vet went fairly well! I know my parent's dog is okay with going to the vet until you put her on the table and she starts shaking and freaking out. It probably doesn't help that she is blind so she has no idea what is happening to her.

Rachel said...

She is so cute!!
Okay, well the whole poo-all-over-the-place probably wouldn't be too cute, but it sounds like she is just a little angel!