Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 262

By far the best part of finally settling in your new place is the knowledge that you're not going to have move giant pieces of furniture up a tiny stair case for a few more years.

Sadly we were not able to sip from that sweet nectar, indulge in that manna from heaven (what does manna taste like anyway? I always picture a sort of bland saltine myself) until last night.

Around 5 my In-Laws showed up with a giant truck stuffed full of my husband's old room, which we slowly and back breakingly over time transferred to our guest bedroom.Hurray, we have a guest bedroom. Now when people stay over they won't have to sleep on the floor under our old flower box or possibly in the bathroom (our old apartment bathroom was easily the size of my new creative land and suited a 4 year old just fine).

Oh but the dressers and bed were by far the easiest to cart up our wild and wacky stair case. The impossible load was this monster, a hutch my husband's grandfather used to own.
It's solid oak so it was kinda like moving a giant tree with no good handle and no lumber jacks in sight.

Kinda funny too how in their family everyone sort of bows to his dad to figure out the best way to handle spatial relations but I was arguing with him on how to get things in and out. And I won for the most part.

So take that stupid statisticians who are so sure girls suck at things like how to shove shit into boxes so it fits. Ever take a look at a woman's closet? Yeah, didn't think so.

Oh yeah, that wasn't all. Apparently on top of getting all the furniture out of my husbands old bedroom his mother also packed up all his stuff. Every single last bit of my pack rat husband's crap including a very giant and old stereo we never wanted or can really use.
Apparently there are already plans to turn his room into a sewing room.

Was anyone else pretty much removed carte blanche from their parents home once they were married and had a big enough place to store their crap?


Chesney said...

Isn't moving the best?? LOL

Ruby Slippers said...

Nope...I think three quarters of my stuff is still at my parents' house! I moved out over 3 years ago.

I can't go and organise it now because my Dad has turned my room into a place to store boxes of articles he's printed out, and various scrap paper, as well as my Grandmother's huge old sideboard and a PIANO. I can't even get to the opposite side of the room.

Princess Christy said...

Gee... I was told if I don't take it with me, I don't get to keep it. My dad is especially excited to send my dog with me!

Linda said...

We use my Dad's house for storage. He keeps hoping we'll be able to take it all someday but not yet.
I always thought manna tasted like honey.

Leslie said...

If I ever get a real house, I'm gonna have a lot of stuff to move. Wanna have a garage sale next summer. I got lots of things to get rid of and I gotta go through a lot of my dad's stuff too. He needs to have his entire upstairs cleaned out since my sister and her husband are no longer living there.