Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 255

We're getting a little excited here, jumping up and down for no reason. Scrubbing up the garage and putting anything paper based up high.

Soon, our little girl will be coming home:My husband said that it's kind of like bringing a baby home from the hospital only no one had to be pregnant. He has no idea what to expect so we've been working on getting her "crib" all set up.The interesting thing is my parent's aren't just bringing down our little Esme, they're also carting down the entire dog crew. So that's two full grown labs and six puppies.

We're going to learn really quickly just how puppy proof (and probably hurricane as well as flood proof) our place really is. Wish us luck, cause we're gonna need it.

Can you get carpet cleaner in gallon size?


Ruby Slippers said...

Don't worry too much! We were a very doggy family growing up, and we always had between 3 and 5 dogs, all of which we got as puppies. Basically what we used to do was make the kitchen their 'home' for the first couple of weeks. We'd put down their food and water, and then some newspaper right by the back door. Whenever we saw them about to "go", we'd stick them on the newspaper quickly and then praise them. This way they got the idea that if you're gonna pee, on paper in the kitchen is the place to do it. Then when they seemed ready to go outside, we used to quickly put them outside if they were about to pee. It seemed easy enough to get them used to this, and they all seemed to pick up the going outside thing very fast. Once we introduced them to the rest of the house, they were so used to peeing in the kitchen and outside, that there were hardly ever any carpet accidents. I don't ever recall making the house dog proof either, though obviously I wouldn't leave your favourite stuffed bunny on the floor...Or books.

Chesney said...

What a fun time, it will be a circus at your house! LOL How much longer before you get cute little Esme??

SingColleen said...

We're four weeks in with our yellow lab puppy (he's 12 weeks old, but of course we couldn't take him home until he was weaned) and while it's been quite a ride, the potty-training was easy. We crate-trained him from the beginning, and since dogs never want to go where they sleep, he quickly figured out that when he had to go, he had to ask. Other than a few in-crate incidents while we were figuring out each others' language, it's been smooth sailing.
Since accidents ARE inevitable early-on, let me recommend Nature's Miracle spray. We get it at the big chain pet stores. It's made of enzymes that kind of "eat" organic matter, so you're not just masking the odor or sterilizing but leaving a stain, you're actually cleaning up the mess completely.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Have a wonderful time!

I don't know if you can get carpet cleaner in gallon size - maybe at costco?