Monday, August 10, 2009

Needing a gift horse dentist here

I was lucky, the entire time I was worrying about packing/moving and getting settled I only had one dress hanging over my head with the agreement that I'd have a few weeks as she was on vacation anyway. So a little stress for me, but just enough to keep me motivated and not lashing out at small woodland creatures who just want to help (I imagine Snow White would have played out a lot more interestingly if she knew her Step Mother was gonna poison her. The dwarves would come back to find roasted song bird).

It was also my first back view of a dress. There was a lot of texture and movement to the train that I wanted to try and capture, and I relied on a lot of different shadow work. If anyone's curious here's the not quite but almost finished product:And since we've been slowly settling and I was churning out a few paintings for friends and the like I figured I'd get my wedding dress art out there a bit more. Maybe put up a new etsy listing, or mention it on Twitter. I was hoping I'd have something to occupy my time for a few days this weekend. Nothing too major, you know.

Then, while I was elbow deep in puppy and thinking about how we're gonna have to foam pad everything in our house before our little girl comes home the unexpected happened. A dress order, and oh boy is it one heck of a complicated dress.

It's got a full poufy skirt, folds on the bodice, and decorative beading star bursts. This could quite possibly be the most complicated dress I've ever attempted. And not only that, it's actually a present for a bridal shower in two weeks.

So going off those "not very good trying on the dress in the shop hard to make out" pictures I have two days to paint a very complicated dress and get that sucker in the mail. Ep!

Oh and if that isn't enough, the next day someone else ordered another painting for a gift.

I haven't had this much attention since Jenna gave me a little blurb back around Easter, but then life wasn't too much in the way.

I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything but I am thinking about shoving something where the sun doesn't shine. Good thing my husband has The Sandman to keep him company this week because I'm just going to be a blur as I run to the sink to rinse off brushes.

Also if anyone knows a good illustrator, pitch them my harried and stressed Disney Princess idea because it's almost too entertaining pictured in my brain to not be shared with the world.


abi said...

Hi! I've been enjoying reading your blog for a few months now, and while I haven't yet commented....I was thinking about you a lot today and thought I should. I was working on a painting of my new husband and I on our wedding day and was working on my dress....I am so in awe of your mad dress painting skills! I am working on it, but am definitely not the fold and details master that you are. I think mine is going to be more of an impression of my dress....not a great portrait of the dresses like you do. Andyways, thanks for letting us in on your life and artwork.

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