Friday, August 21, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 261

Every day this week has been a learning experience with our little girl. Just how long can she hold her bladder (answer: not very long) how interesting are sticks and weed (answer:more important than food) what do we think of baths (answer: not our cup of tea) and other fun little factoids like that.

Last night was our first, "we're so sorry we're going to put you back in your pen but see we have something we've had tickets to for over a month but you'll be okay we promise."

See, we had to exercise our nerdy love to laugh at inside references and bad movies side and the good people at Rifftrax were more than happy to oblige us with their first ever Rifftrax live event.

For those who aren't old MSTies, basically the gist is three guys get together (or on the old show one guy and two robots) and make fun of bad movies (or in the case of rifftrax really bad seriously overblown blockbusters) only they're really funny and good at it. Cult classic, yada yada.

I've been a MSTie since their Sci-Fi days when I dared to deny my parents by watching that "weird show." I actually introduced my husband to it, he used to have some strange idea that it just some evil plot to make you watch bad movies (which may have backfired as now he loves bad movies and may have a small crush on Steve Reeves).

For our honeymoon, we had the chance to catch Cinematic Titanic in Saint Paul (which was a happy accident as we'd already been planning on going to Minnesota for our honeymoon cause we're weird and I like a lot of lakes. Got to be at least 10,000 to make me happy.) which is the rest of the original MST3K cast.

Okay that's enough background on me, now onto the show.At a theatre in Nashville the Rifftrax crew camped out, stretching and flexing their humerus bones to beam across the United States their version of the dreaded Ed Wood movie Plan 9 From Outer space.

It's a cool idea, really. They get the thrill of a live show and an audience while at the same time millions (I hope it was millions at least, judging by how packed our smaller town theatre was I'm guessing I'm right) could listen in at their own local theatres).

They started the night off with fun trivia facts and quirky ideas (which I am sad to say I knew most of).
Then the lights in our theatre refused to dim (it was about half way through the short that they finally went down) and it was time for the show to start.

One Mr. Mitch Nelson, Mr. Kenneth Murphy and a Mr. Bill Chablis flew onto stage hoovering like a set of hummingbird triplets hoping to find a warehouse full of nectar.
After someone tossed them a bag of sugar they calmed down and the show kicked off.
They started with a short about stewardess's and how one must learn the best procedure for forcing air line food down a passenger's gullet, freaking them out by knowing their name and then preparing a bed while making sure everyone brushes their teeth.

This was the only place where our theatre had a few burps. Three times the signal kicked out but came back after a few seconds so we probably only missed about 10 jokes or so in those 6 seconds. Which isn't going to stop me for seeking legal action, I demand you compensate me for those 6 seconds!

When the short was finished we got some music stylings from Jonathan Coulton and a lovely interpretive zombie dance from Kevin Murphy. Kevin should really work into getting onto So You Think You can Dance with the Monster Movie Stars, the latest reality show on Lifetime.

It was wall to wall laughs in my neck of the woods for Plan 9 (as I'm sure how Ed Wood always secretly wanted it. I have a theory that in Nostradamus like quatrains Wood predicted MST3K and knew he would have to make his opus of movies to give birth to the "making fun of bad movies" genre).

I'm sure I join the chorus of millions chanting "More! More! More!"

Though if it isn't too early in the morning for you guys as you wake up from your hangovers may I make a few suggestions. Tradition dictates that a dinner generally go with a movie, so perhaps the next time Mike and Kevin could create a delectable 5 course dinner which Bill then delivers Stewardess style to the waiting and hungry audience.

You could even offer a digital copy of all the recipes (thumbtack and crayon sandwiches included).

And if anyone who isn't a fan is still reading, you really got to check it out. Sure it's a bit of a nerd fest but it's also a great and cheap hilarious chance to enjoy the energy of a live event without leaving the comfort of your local theatre.

The best part, when we got home our puppy even forgave us for leaving her alone again. So she gives you a rounding series of happy puppy licks as a thank you.

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Chesney said...

This would be so up my husband's alley - I didn't know they had live shows like this! I will have to look into it! Isn't it nice to always come home to a "happy" dog! :)