Thursday, August 6, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 246

While I've kept myself chained to my easel trying to meet a few deadlines I'd set for myself, my husband was trying to come up with something to keep himself busy and out of my hair.

At first he found some solace in setting up his computer and organizing all his crap from a box to the floor, but that got dull after a while.

For all of three seconds he tried watching TV, but then remembered just how dull summer programming really is and ran screaming from the living room (well I'm assuming that's why).

Just as he was about to give up hope and resign himself to spending his nights reading every graphic novel in existence he suddenly remembered something.

We have a garden!
And a poor neglected garden at that. It was pretty obvious that weeding the garden was the last thing on the previous owners mind as they packed and moved out. Ditto for us as we unpacked and moved in.

While the tomatoes ripened to a nice O.P.I nail shade and the peppers did whatever it is peppers do the weeds took it upon themselves to claim the garden as their own. But they weren't counting on one thing.

My very bored husband equipped with a trowel, a black trash bag, and that crazy glint in his eye that says "I have found a project that I can obsess about."

On about his second day we realized that we actually have stepping stones in the garden:
As of last night there is a nice dirt swathe around every stepping stone and from the various vegetable plants. But sadly he's once again run out of a project after filling a 32 gallon trash can full of weeds and freaking me out just a touch when every time I turned around I'd find him out in the garden.

I'm begging you, what's a hobby I can set my husband on so he doesn't drive me mad while I'm trying to meet my painting quota? It's got to be puppy friendly too as we'll soon have a set of pinking shears attached to a tail in our home.

It's just got to be for a few hours each night that he can burn time accomplishing something, preferably something not too complicated.


Linda said...

yummy tomatoes. why are you holding it with tongs? is it poisonous?

Chesney said...

Fun tomato pic - interesting perspective - Looks like you are going to squeeze it to make tomato juice!