Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 266

While I'm outside messing around with the grill my husband is inside creating amazing side dishes, his invisible toque slightly askew.

One of his famous dishes is the saffron/balti rice we have with every Indian dish I attempt (and fail miserably at. More chickens have caught on fire than I care to mention):

He starts with a can of coconut milk. This gives it a nice creamy texture that's a nice and quick fake risotto.To the slowly boiling coconut milk, he adds a dash of garlic powder, some ginger, a bit of salt, the Indian spices of balti and fenugreek to taste and finally turmeric to give it a nice radioactive yellow color.
That's all mixed up and then the minute rice is dumped in and allowed to suck up all the juices. Good time to chase after the puppy and get her to stop ripping the stuffing out of her squirrel.

Forgive the crappy picture, someone was demanding attention. But in the end it's a really nice and flavorful rice pilaf sort of thing.
It's the most flavor I've ever had in rice and a lot of it is thanks to the coconut milk trick my husband stumbled upon.

Round of applause (every time I see that word I think it's actually applesauce, go fig) for cool husband ideas.

Oh and just because here's what our little girl was snacking on at the time:She has a lot of toys that are either small woodland creatures or food. Not sure what to make of that, but it's kinda funny.

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Chesney said...

Esme gets a hot dog when you get the gourmet stuff, something isn't fair about these pictures!!