Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 252

As of this Monday I have been a co home owner for a month. *Shoots off streamers*

A month in and we've got just about everything moved in, we've mostly learned our way around (though I still have no idea where half the stuff in the kitchen is, it was just a dump and run unpacking scenario), and there haven't been any major disasters.

It's a little wild just how quickly the time flew by, especially as we spent maybe two whole weekends in said house. More like one and a half, and that was thanks to the wasp attack.

And, after all, only high school students really celebrate something as arbitrary as a one month anniversary. I mean it's called ANNiversary not Monthiversary. A month is just so arbitrary and . . .

Uh-oh. I think we may be in trouble.
*Crap, quick go find some party stuff. Confetti, a cake, a whole bucket of paint. It's looking at us!*

Oh yes, Mr. House. We'd never forget about you. Why look at what we have here, it's some um ah yes.

In honor of your one month us living inside of you allow me to present you with this bill for a mortgage.Ah! Not the deadly sprinklers!

Look, we've been really busy what with a puppy coming and oh you really don't like that idea. I mean, we put quite a bit of work into you when we first got you; painting rooms and the like. Would you really want a present just because you demanded one? Isn't it better to be surprised and all . . .

No! *Unsheathes sword* You'll never take me alive!

Apparently we are being held ransom inside our own house until we can come up with an over the top anniversary party. The ransom demands include one archway of balloons, one candlelight dinner, and one huge ass month anniversary present.

Please. You have to help! The screen door tried to take off my fingers!

Just what the hell do you give for a month anniversary?


Jennifer said...

Ahem. No one outside high school students celebrates a monthaversary. Really? We have celebrated our monthaversary this year- buying flowers and taking a minute to remember our wedding day. (we are really really happy our 1 year is coming up so we can stop the silliness). However, may I suggest flowers? Onless the house is allergic. Maybe a nice HOUSE plant? Something the house can invest in.

Anonymous said...

We celebrated our one month-a-versary. :)

I like the idea of a house plant. Or maybe a good vacuum?

Chesney said...

I think you and the hubby deserve a month anniversary massage after all that moving! What a happy looking house!