Saturday, August 8, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 248

I don't know if any of this hackers needing something to do besides spend their summer vacation attacking social networking sites for the lulz will have ended but I'm going to send my post out into the internet ether and hope it reaches someone.

One of our major motivators for getting the hell out of Dodge and finding a nice house was because the electrical outlets at our apartment sucked. It was so bad we couldn't even use our smoker.

Well now that we have a house, it only took us three weeks to pull that baby out and have a go at some ribs:We smoked this bad boy (and probably terrified the neighbors) for about 4 hours. Then we stuck it in the fridge because we had to get up and go to work the next day.

After all that boring but necessary work was done I pulled the ribs out and put them in the oven til the middle was warmed up and finished it off on the grill to get some nice caramelization:It isn't quite super slow pit BBQ, but it was a much fancier meal than we'd get just having a good ol Nebraska BBQ of hotdogs and hamburgers (Sorry, but that's grilling):I know, maybe if I promise all those lonely 13 year olds some ribs and a box of porn they'll knock off the hacking. And then when they're distracted and they're fingers are glued to the magazines I'll release the rabid squirrels.

If anyone can hear me, we're going to need a huge box and about 20 really pissed off nut crunching rodents. Thanks.


Linda said...

Nice looking ribs. I'll be right over!

Chesney said...

All this mouth watering food and you didn't invite us?? I can smell the aromas!!