Monday, August 17, 2009

Was it something I said?

It's been kinda quiet on the internet. Too quiet. Almost as though everyone's off at some awesome party and my invitation was accidentally set on fire, doused in the river water and sprayed by a skunk:I'm kinda hoping that it's just the August doldrums when everyone seems to curl up in a cave until labor day trying to extend the summer indefinitely.

But I can't help feeling as though I've done or said something that sent everyone running for the hills. I know, I've started talking about puppies a lot though I do try to break it up so this isn't lab puppy central (unless you demand more puppies, I could easily talk about them 24/7).

Did I scare you all off with my play by play of how I create the wedding dress paintings?

I'm really curious as for the past month or so I've just watched the comment count drop. I could start a controversy and see if that'll drive it up. "Buzz Cola is way better than Slurm!" "People out of Mars!"

Or is it all just because I've gotten a bit lackadaisical about commenting on everyone elses blog? I've been trying to get better but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

Is anyone else going through more of a comment drought or feeling like you got left behind by the pack?


Chesney said...

My comments have definitely dwindled, but I think it is just summer vacations and back to school. Once everyone gets back in their routine they'll be back!

Carrie Mae said...

The internet is eerie quiet lately. Especially on weekends.

No clue what's up, though.

valerie said...

I haven't really been in much of a mood for reading blogs or even getting on the internet recently because of all the crap happening with our apartment. Nothing like the worry of potentially having to pursue legal action to really make you disinterested in everything you've ever done, haha.

Ruby Slippers said...

Mine have dwindled a bit, and I also feel like I'm being a bit lazy about commenting on blogs. I read and leave, like some sleazy one night stand.

Katie said...

mine have dwindled a lot too, and I'm a lazy commenter.

Maybe I would feel better adding a site counter...but google reader doesn't pick that up, does it?

anyway, I read you almost daily. sorry for the lack of love.
your puppy is adorable!

Princess Christy said...

Hahaha! If it got sprayed by a skunk - stay away! My poor pup did that while we were on vacation - a month later, we're still finding remnants of the smell!

Rachel said...

Guilty! Sorry... I haven't really been MIA because of anyone in particular except for myself. I think it's my doldrums - I've just been out of it. Work is up and down, and then trying to get my head around starting an Etsy store and just how to go around doing it... and then I want to re-design my blog. I think I've just a lot going on in my head and I'm trying to sort it out. I feel very creative and designer-y at times, and then I'll go on someone else's blog and feel like a hack. As much as I've learned from experience that I should just be the best I can be and not worry about others, it's still hard sometimes to not let the little green monster of jealousy and his friend self-doubt into my head!

So, I promise to start posting and coming by more often. I miss catching up with you.

Jennifer said...

I was on vacation! oopsy! love the puppy, she is just beautiful. Send her to Tucson, stat.