Monday, August 24, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 264

Raise your hand for everyone who's getting a little tired of all the posts about the puppy?

Damn, that many of you? You're that emphatic about no more adorable puppy pictures? You can't take it anymore and are about to go on a neutering spree (Barker, get out of here!)?

Well, um, see the thing is that well . . . uh. . .

So our lives basically revolve around puppy teeth, claws and bladders. We even put off mowing the lawn or vacuuming for a week til she was a bit more well adjusted and we wouldn't have to worry about a giant pee spot followed by a sudden cat like freak out of ripping the curtains to shreds.

Instead she ran and hid between my husbands legs til I promised to shut the giant scary noise machine off before it sucked up all that squirrel fuzz she worked so desperately to decorate our floors with.It's a tricky business figuring out just when we can actually get something accomplished and when we have to give up and play wrestle with her for a while. While I was finally able to tackle cleaning the kitchen floors and start laundry she wasn't too happy with me having to get up and move every time I went into another room.

We save the more delicate work for when she's passed out:I know, I have this nice painting room all set up and now I do most (aka all) of my trees in the living room while she sleeps with some part of her body on my foot. It's her security system to make sure we won't suddenly bolt for the nearest kennel and bring home a better puppy.

We finally got out and purchased the latest Ghostbusters game as well as downloaded the Batman demo (really weird hearing those familiar voices coming from those extreme bodies --Bat's has been through the wood chipper a few times-- and since we're revisiting the old Animated Series right now it's doubly strange). About the only time we feel safe playing is when Essie is puppy napping on the floor in front of us.
It was kinda funny, my mother-in-law who hasn't taken care of a pet a day in her life kept asking us if it was normal for a puppy to sleep that much. She was really worried she was sick or something.

And I kept pointing out that puppies are just like babies, they play really hard and then crash just as hard. I don't think she quite wants to accept the similarities, even though my husband and I no longer hae a social life anymore. Sadly, give it a month and these nice long naps will be a thing of the past.

So for now we're going to take every opportunity we have and when those little eyelids shut we're off doing all of our non-puppy friendly tasks:I've already scared off at least 2 people with all this puppy talk. Is anyone else really going to abandon me because of all the cute pictures of a puppy as she navigates a new home?

I can't promise there won't be any more pictures of Essie (after all she's only this small for about an hour, hour and a half tops) but I promise I have some more not puppy posts planned. Maybe even a few more recipes as the cold weather comes crying back, begging to not to have to go back to school.

Another 100 days or so and I'll have accomplished this wacky task, so won't you stick around and see just what I have planned for the end?


Aleda said...

I can't speak for anyone else, but I like the puppy pictures and stories. Though they do make me sad because with my allergies, I probably won't ever get to have one. :(

Chesney said...

I could never get sick of seeing this adorable puppy face! I love the picture of her between your hubby's legs, this one definitely deserves to be framed! :)

SingColleen said...

Ditto on Aleda and Chesney's comments! More puppy content! We have a lab puppy that is only a month older than yours, and personally, I'm really enjoying the stories. It's nice to know we're not alone in the lack-of-sleep, cleaning-up-after, friggin-exhausted-from-running-around department.