Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Etsy find of the week - GEEKitty & The Parthecraft

Now that I can put that bee unpleasantness behind me, time to focus on my Etsy finds of the week.

I actually had really exciting and happy news to share yesterday that got a touch overshadowed. My parent's dog had puppies:This is a double blessing as poor Cali lost all of her first litter, so getting 7 healthy puppies the second time around is pretty rare. We were already planning a trip back home for a baby shower this weekend and now I get to take oodles of pictures of cute puppies and babies while I'm home.

And because of the little wiggles this weeks post will be devoted to pet toy stores. The first one I'd like to highlight is The Parthecraft. This shop contains a few doggie toys that look like they could withstand quite a bit of rough housing.

There's an adorable little turtle. A cute little bee. I love the handles for wings, great to play tug of war with.
And for those budding Virologists a toy somewhat shaped like a T4 virus
Each toy contains strips of fabric as opposed to that annoying and dangerous fluff found in commercial toys. She also has a picture of her toy testing team who I'm sure take their job very seriously.
You know these toys have to be pretty tough if they can stand up to three dogs playing.

I'm doing this double post because I love what I found at GEEKitty even though I'm not much of a cat person (which isn't to say I don't like cats, I just can't see myself ever owning one).

I was suckered in as soon as I saw this Slurm Can (I just hope it doesn't come from anyones behind):
Any LOTR cat owners out there, why not give your cat a little extra power with the one ring: GEEKitty will also hook up your gamer pets with some awesome gear:
They're so cute if we do get a puppy I may have to get that Slurm can anyway even if the pup could only play with it for a few weeks before he got too big.

Both GEEkitty and The Parthecraft look like some great shops for all those pet owners out there looking to spoil their babies. I can't wait to be one myself.


Chesney said...

I want a puppy - how adorable (although my dogs probably don't want a new puppy LOL).

Linda said...

Are you guys getting a puppy for the new house? That would be awesome.
Love the Geekitty stuff. I think we'll get a cat someday.

Rachel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE puppies!!!!! (Gee, you think?)
How cute! I just want to rub their cute little puppy bellies - so soft!!

And LOL about the pic of the "test" dogs!!! I may have to get one of these toys and put it to the JJ test.... if it can survive JJ, it can survive anyone. NONE of our toys are still stuffed. They are all now just empty shells without stuffing or squeakers. He can de-stuff one in a matter of a couple hours - he's good.
By the way - he's the one that actually got your painting. But the new ones are still safe and good!!! ;-)