Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 181

June officially started yesterday (and right on the first too, quite good timing really) and we all know what that means here in Nebraska.

Hide in the basement and refuse to come out til July!

When it isn't thunder storming, or getting muggier than a rainforest because it's about to rain tornadoes threaten to touch down and wipe out small towns.
June is a weatherman's hey day. Every other time of the year they're relegated to a few minutes each day in front of their big maps but now they roam the airwaves interrupting every stations broadcast to inform you that nothing about the storm has changed but, damnit, we're going to keep tracking it til it hits Iowa.

Yesterday we were outside playing a little tennis, trying to dodge all the cars coming to get their mail (you'd be surprised how much mail a car really gets). A crash of thunder and fat droplets plopped onto our glasses. We tried playing a bit longer but it was getting harder to see.

After herding the racquets and tennis balls back inside we both turned around and ran outside to play in the rain.Well I played, chasing the geese away so I could look at the pond while my husband cleared his car off:This was one of those heavy and fast moving rains that are the prodigal of June. It hit hard and fast covering both of us in a matter of a few minutes.I only took a handful of pictures before the rain really picked up and I started to worry that the poor camera that's been put through its own silent hell because of me would start to drown.

But it was still a lot of fun to splash and run around in the rain. I've never really understood why people huddle under umbrellas and hide inside when there's a little rain storm out. Unless you're made out of sugar you're not going to melt (and if you are made out of sugar but are animate enough to be able to read and move you have bigger problems) and everything will dry eventually.

Does anyone else like to run around in the rain? I've actually never owned an umbrella and I rather doubt I ever will.

Who wants to join me for a little splish splash out in the grass? We can have some nice warm popcorn and hot cider afterwards while we huddle in front of the fire to dry off.


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people who would rather be inside while it is raining. In my defense, I am used to extremely dry weather, so if it is raining and chilly, I get extremely cold from the dampness.

My favourite time for rain is overnight - the sound is quite soothing.

Linda said...

Is it warm rain? I'll dance around in warm rain. I've had enough cold rain here in Seattle!

Chesney said...

We didn't get rained on until after 9PM last night. Then it rained and rained and rained -still sprinkling right now! boy did it turn cooler!

Jennifer said...

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