Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Etsy Find of the Week - The SoapMaker

This weeks Etsy find comes from my deep love of smelling things and vast entertainment when stuff looks like other stuff.

The SoapMaker is a great place for anyone that likes to indulge in some really cool candles or soaps shaped like other things (I remember being fascinated with the old cinnamon bun candles that were so popular 10 years ago).

Check out these chocolate chip cookie tarts:

I'd have to put up a warning to not let any little fingers try to put this in their mouths. Oh who am I kidding, even some big fingers might be tempted.

If you're not so big on the food that are really candles here's something for any stitchers in the audience:

Okay it is called the Soap Maker. I should really show off some of her lovely soap options as well (what can I say, candles fascinate me).

This is a Chocolate and Coconut soapcicle (there are other flavors as well). It's a mix of three different scents and it'd make an adorable favor for a shower or birthday party and at $4 a pop not break any banks.
Probably the soap I'd be most interested to try is the Cranberry Cobbler and Cream kitchen soap. It even has some real cranberries in it. How cool is that? If you're looking for some neat tarts or really great soaps check out The Soap Maker. I'll just be over here trying to not eat the cookies.


Caroline said...

Wow, they really look real! I'd rather a real chocolate chip cookie now! haha

Linda said...

Those cookies look real! I want a cookie too!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

these really aren't dessert?

how are things?