Saturday, June 27, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 206

Companies will give you the weirdest stuff when you order big shiny things for the lab. Usually it's useless junk like a back scratcher, a CD holder, or a box of tips.

But after we got in our nice new 150 lb centrifuge in amongst all the swing boxes that were smashed thanks to the thing being tossed around by an elephant sat this:
His name is Captain Eppi, apparently, and his job -- aside from horrifying every small child who looks upon him -- is to hold the rotor changer.

It's crazy that every other lab I've been in has been in the dark ages, for without Captain Eppi they just kept all their rotor stuff in a drawer. But now we can waste valuable bench space with a creepy little gray tube man.

Probably the funniest part of it all was reading the little "instruction booklet" that came with captain eppi. They stressed in about five languages that this is not a toy but a sensitive piece of lab equipment complete with bendable arms and legs.

Science is a weird industry sometimes. Anyone else still having trouble not seeing Captain Eppi as a toy?


Leslie said...

I used to have a couple bendable rabbits like that....they were the best toys!

Linda said...

Yeah I say toy. What an odd thing!

Chesney said...

I think he is awful cute - great freeby!!