Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 195

A brief break in the clouds invited me to curl up outside on our little slab of concrete for a few minutes trying to get a good picture of some paint samples.

My leg lay in the grass for about 30 seconds reveling in the cool growth of the grass from the week or two we've spent seeing what it's like to live in a rainforest. When out of nowhere, biting stinging pain streaking up my leg.

I raise my leg up to find soul-less black ants swarming all over the top of my calf. The little bastards didn't just crawl all over, they felt like they had to leave their calling card behind.That's just one patch of the evil incredibly itchy bites left by the maniacal ants. I have another two down my leg by the ankle. It didn't really start to act up til I headed into work yesterday and I had to wear jeans.

Of course the jeans rubbed on my bites like crazy, inflaming them 30 times worse. I spent most of the day with my pants rolled up, spraying a non-alcoholic sanitizer on it just to get some relief:
Then once I got home, I whipped out the athletic tape and created a makeshift bandage just so I could last til my shower that night and wouldn't claw my skin off with my nails.
Now I have random patches of bandages made from paper towels and duct tape. Kinda looks like I got shot having four very square gray strips on my leg taped down.

Once I heal, I'm sitting outside baiting the ants to come out so I can hose them with a gallon of raid. Who's with me?

We can start a club and call it "Insist No Spiteful Ants Near Everyone" I just have to think of an acronym first. I'll get to work on some good t-shirts, maybe a badge or two to help convince other people to join us in our quest to destroy every ant in sight.

Soon every time someone sees an ant they'll whip out their purse sized clip on raid and extinguish another villainous black hearted mandible crunching insect. Only then will we be safe from small bug attacks. Who else wants to join I.N.S.A.N.E.?


Chesney said...

I'm itching just looking at your leg, ughhhh.....this is the first year we have had ants in the house, just had the bug guy come spray, no ants so far....keeping my fingers crossed they are gone! Take care of those legs!

Linda said...

Ok, you need more posts of your thigh! I love the bandage!
I'll join INSANE if we can include mosquitoes. I hate those little suckers. I have a huge bite on my stomach from one this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ew yuck. That doesn't look pleasant. I hope it goes away quickly!

I'll also join INSANE if it include mosquitoes. The ants around here don't bite or at least I've never been noticeably bitten by one of them.

Rachel said...

I'll join!! I'm allergic to ants (not severely, just enough to give me a lovely case of blood poisoning!). I hate them!
I just recently found out that they've set up house in one of my hanging baskets!!! Ugh! Every time I water, they go running for higher and dryer ground. You'd think they'd learn. But no....

Leslie said...

I'm in!