Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 202

We had to leave the puppies all cuddled up to their Mom to head out for a function. It was a little hard to say goodbye but as soon as everyone was either eatingor sleeping we made our exit

For a baptism:The star of the show didn't really care too much about what was going on. He got a little mad when his pacifer hit the floor, otherwise the middle of a church service seemed the best time to sleep.

His older brother was by far more entertaining. There was a wedding the night before at the church and they left behind bubbles and corn in tulle (only in small town Nebraska). During children's time the kids all got to go up and pick one or the other so big brother came back and sat by us with his corn and a seashell (I'm sure he can't wait to get married so he can have corn and seashells at his wedding).

Then during communion we drew a car with a chimney on the roof and he pointed out all of his family members as they walked by and he told us all his plans with his corn. After church, we all headed to his grandma's where he impressed us with his bush trimming skills using only a weed whacker. We had to scram early and missed out on ice cream cake because laundry and grocery shopping were waiting for us back at home.

I'll leave you now with images of the Nebraska landscape (because it's probably nicer than just leaving you with nothing).It was interesting attending a Lutheran service as aside from some kneeling and secret handshakes it was basically a watered down catholic mass. Have you attended a lot of other religious services or other christian denominations?

It's funny but nothing really freaked me out more than the interdenominational one that was kinda methodist but also a few others mixed in. I think it's because it was familiar but there were still a few things off like trying to find your keys in your house when someone moved a chair as opposed to when a toddler came through. When I go to mass I know it's going to be completely different so I just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Chesney said...

What a cute little baby - that is almost as fun as the puppies! Missouri synad Luthern is very similar to Catholic - I was raised Catholic and am now Luthern - we went to tons of different masses and settled on something familar! It is fun to visit other denominations once in a while.

Linda said...

I was raised Catholic. In my 20's I started going to synagogue (Jewish) services. A lot different.
Gorgeous landscapes!