Thursday, June 25, 2009

Old Friend/New Find

What better way to put the mid 90 sticky weather out of my mind than to focus on two blogs that scream cool autumn breezes.

My Old Friend is Creepy Cupcakes. (And I swear I'll come up with badges just as soon as I find my kitchen table again)Creepy Cupcakes is an awesome place for any Halloween brides or just Halloween fans in general. Carrie is planning a real Halloween wedding for this year (unlike my well it's Halloween themed but we're gonna plan it around a football game and have it on the 18th).

She's got some really awesome pideas for her own wedding, like having a friend recreate Mina's dress from Dracula but in white. And her Save The Dates are to die for (Yes, I made a stupid pun. And if you don't stop me I just might make 50 more).

But what I really love are all the really cool, and to some extent, easy (I cannot be trusted with a glue gun) Halloween crafts and decorating ideas she finds around the web to share.

So if you're looking for some Halloween ideas as fall approaches (It'll be here any minute, right?) go check out Creepy Cupcakes. Or, if for no other reason, you should really see her own wedding ideas. Like something out of a Poe tale. I can't wait to see it come to fruition.

Keeping on the Halloween path, and linked from Carrie's blog, I stumbled across Pumpkin Rot.This is a great site for any Halloween aficionados. The purveyor posts a good 3-4 times a day of good Halloween inspiration pictures as well as some neat stuff he finds and cool sites.

He also posts his own props and what not that are works in progress so I can't wait to see what he comes up with when October rolls around.

And this has been my week of Halloween goodies. Maybe this means next week will have to revolve around Thanksgiving. Does anyone know if Butterball has it's own blog? Someone get candied yams on the phone!

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DeadmansLog said...

I adore you; also, it's kind of funny to see my blog listed in a post also about Rot's -- he has the most amazing prop-building skills!

:) *hug*