Thursday, June 18, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 197

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I got a package!

I got my own little piece of mail waiting for me in the main office. I can't wait to see what it is!What the hell is it? Did I just get a giant Toblerone bar? Quick, some check to see if it's free giant Toblerone day.

I know. I'll just open it up, that should tell me what's inside.

*head scratch* This just raises further questions:Maybe there's some instructions inside the roll. Hello! Is anyone in there?This is probably the point when I'd be all cute and ask what you think it is then post the answer tomorrow but this thing is gonna sit in its little Toblerone carrying case for about a month or so.

And we're not taking it out to play with because it's a wall decal from Circle Line Studio:While we were out perusing the hordes of paint samples we got to talking about what we were going to do with the other bathroom. We have a pretty good idea what to do with the main after removing all the garish wall paper.

And while flipping through an expose on how paint samples can use artists names (there was even one called painter's tape, shesh) my husband dared to voice his idea. We're going to turn the basement bathroom into a sort of forest. We haven't worked all the details and ideas out yet, but this little tree will look great in there.

We're both very lucky that we pretty much have the exact same taste and tend to arrive at the same decision right away, but it's funny how many people just assume I'll be making all the decisions when it comes to decor. As though my husband can't pick a paint color or have an idea all his own.

But when it comes to levels of decoration talent we're both at about the same level, somewhere just around senior year of college when you start to get tired of all the milk crates but there are still a few cool posters you own and you're not afraid to tape stuff to the paint.

Has anyone else run into people just assuming that much like the wedding since you're the woman you will be making every single decision when it comes to a home? Or your S/O gets sympathetic glances because they think soon all of his stuff will be tossed into the river? Because we all know men can't be trusted to chose colors because they'll just act like little kids and want the most vibrant one imaginable, right.


withoutadornment said...

That's a really neat wall decal!

I guess we're somewhat stereotypical because Mr. Bean handed the reigns of decorating over to me. I do ask his opinion on everything unless it's the chose between "cheesecake" and "custard." I guess it comes down to how he trusts my judgement and doesn't really care about the end result as long as it looks nice!

EthidiumBromide said...

I would have guessed that it was a poster for a conference in a poster tube. :)

Chesney said...

Very fun, that will be a great bathroom. My hubby just lets me do what I want (thank goodness, because I probably would just do it anyways! LOL)

Linda said...

Awesome decal.
Some of Tai's stuff did wind up in a dumpster when we first moved in. The man used bleach to wash his black sheets! We didn't need to keep those.
Tai doesn't notice what's around but he'll offer an opinion when asked.

Ruby Slippers said...

That tree is so cute! But a question - couldn't you have painted something similar on the wall yourself? It looks very much like the paintings you do of tree branches and stuff. Or am I missing something about this decal that you couldn't replicate?

Rachel said...

Well, I actually like decorating. And Chris doesn't, so much. He's kind of like Tai - he'll give his opinion either when asked, or if he hates something.

It's funny, I also take care of the house work while he mows the grass (I also help with weeding, etc). He knows how to clean, he just hates it, and so therefore to get out of it, does a piss-poor job. So I do it.
But it works for us - stereotypical or not.

I bet you could add to the decal with your painting! And don't forget the ceiling!!! You'll want the canopy of trees to go onto the ceiliing so you really feel like you're in a forest!