Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy News/Angry Face

Happy News!

While the wedding bee creepy comment™ outcome may have caused my blood pressure to rise a few points I did get one commission out of it all that I think turned out quite nicely.

It was also my first Maggie Sottero dress (which feels like a little pat on the back that I could paint something so intricate, hurray I'm growing).The customer was so happy she even put a post up at her blog: Bless This Nest. I'm never sure if I should include pictures of the real dress with the painting as it feels a bit like an invasion of privacy to me, but she included her own in the post. If you're curious go check them out.

Warm squishes for a job well done. Well it's that or I sat in a brownie again.


This is something I just have to get off my chest. Those cells I wasted 3 hours getting yesterday? They aren't actually mine. They're for someone elses experiment. Someone who doesn't work in our lab I might add. It was just my job to act as courier and place them in our incubator and that was it. Or so I thought.

This morning he appears, bangs on my office door and demands that I come up to the lab to put the cells in the hood for him. I ask if he has the media already warmed up (very important when changing cells, they like a warm diaper) and get a pit of cold dread in my stomach as he asks "What media? I thought you were going to give me media."

We get up to the lab and I explain that he has to get some RPMI and FBS and then combine them in the right amounts (not to hard but a pain none the less) in a sterile bottle. It's sort of a voodoo cell culture thing, to ward off contamination you do NOT share cell stuff, ever.

I get another exasperated sigh and am told that, well he can order a bottle of RMPI later and it's only like $20 so why don't I just make him some media and change the cells myself because he has something to be at. Fighting down the urge to rip his head off with a centrifuge rotor and because I do have a few cells of my own to feed I just agree to change all the media and get him the hell out of my hair.

What kills me the most is this isn't just some undergrad in over his head, this is a third year PhD student who has no idea how to plan his own experiment. He just expects everyone to hand him everything he needs as soon as he comes calling and to hell with thinking things through. He's had over a month to get it all ready and we're pretty sure he doesn't even have the stain.

Instead of sitting down to plan out and order media, tubes, pipettes and anything else he'd need he just demands we give it to them even though we have nothing to do with the grant.


I refuse to babysit adults. I'm sorry but if the state thinks you are old enough to buy alcohol I am not going to hold your hand while I do your homework for you. You are old enough to do things on your damn own. If you ask nicely I'll show you how once but if you specifically sabotage things thinking I'll come to your rescue you are horribly wrong.

Luckily my boss agrees and there are going to be "discussions" between the two of them on Monday. Hopefully it means I'll be adopting his cells and will plan a much better and well thought out experiment than he ever came up with.

This has not been a good day for my blood pressure. I need something to calm me down.

I know.

There, much better.


Cate Subrosa said...

Hello dear. I must say you completely lost me with your tales of cells and media, but sorry you had a bad day!

Congrats on the painting success... don't pay attention to the people who don't like it, to me that suggests it must be good art because it's provoking a reaction! Who wants to create something everyone likes? Boring.

Oh and the puppies? AWWWWW!

Leslie said...

Puppies make everything better!

Linda said...

Grr. I give Mr Annoying PhD dude an angry face too. Hope your boss sets his straight on Monday.

EthidiumBromide said...

There are very few things which aggravate me more than people who are not prepared for an experiment when I am helping/involved. Oh, you wanted me to teach you how to do fluorescence polarization but didn't bother to bring your protein because you thought I could just teach you using mine even though I don't have enough? FAIL.

Ruby Slippers said...

I love when you talk about your job. No, really, even though I have nooooooo idea (say that like Dr Cox in Scrubs)what you're talking about, it sounds totally fascinating. So much better than "Well, I filed this paper and then I called that guy about the meeting and then I worked on the campaign.." Yawn. (Not that that's what *I* do; in fact I could never, ever survive in a corporate world. Shudder.

Congrats on getting the Sottero commission and doing it so beautifully!

Shell @ Disappearing Mist said...

oooh, I had a Sotero gown too! You did great on it!