Monday, June 22, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 201


Sorry, you probably want a little context with your pictures today. Ahem, let me try again.

FIVE DAY OLD PUPPIES ARE DAMN CUTE!They're cute when you hold them in your hands and they look like little bear cubs.They're really cute when they snuggle in your lap for a little nap (check out the little white spot on her chin).They're really cute when they snuggle next to Mom's big paws and you just can't believe that something so small will in a year turn into something so big:
But they're really adorable when they're all tuckered out and sleeping:It's amazing how easily you can spend an entire day just watching as they sleep, wiggle in their dream and fight for some food (and how tiring it can be). Even at this age they've already got a few personalities. One of the yellow's is the piggie of the group, eating a good two to three times more than his siblings. And the black male takes no guff from anybody. When he wants food, he'll complain and knock all his siblings out of the way.

My husband was more enthralled with them than I think even I was. It was so cute how he'd pick one up and snuggle it on his chest and the pup would be out like a light. Somehow he has the gift to put any baby to sleep almost instantaneously. For never growing up with a pet he's sure taken to animals quickly and they always love him as well.

Cali's a good mommy too, watching us whenever we took a puppy out but not making too big a fuss, just waiting for when we add them back in. All those little helpless bodies just kicks in maternal instincts like crazy for everyone. I really have no idea how anyone could ever hurt something like that.

I took about 40 more pictures of all the puppies being cute but sadly they just couldn't all fit into a post.

Wait! I know.

*Sigh* Looking at them again make me wish we could go right back, but sadly there's all this house business still. The next time we see them they'll have sharp pointy teeth and mom will probably want to be rid of them. But they're even cuter then.



Chesney said...

Now that you have made me jealous that you got to play w/ puppies and I didn't, hmmm.....

How adorable are those, I probably would not have been able to go home LOL! I can't believe you didn't put dibs in for one! :)

DeadmansLog said...

Puppies! So cute. You have made my day with puppies and kindness. :) Thank you, Sabrina.

Linda said...

Aw, those are some damn cute puppies!

Krista said...

I am in love with them just looking at the pictures, so damn cute :)

withoutadornment said...

So cute! I think I've filled my cuteness quota for today!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Oh my..., is it time we got another doggie???

So cute!

valerie said...

OMG, so cute. :D I'm not even a huge dog person either and I think these puppies are waaaay cute.

Rachel said...

Awwww.... I love little puppies!!! How cute!!! Yes, it's amazing how quickly they grow!