Monday, June 15, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 194

There are a few perks to working in a lab. You can generally set your own hours, lots of dry ice to be played with, if there's a trade show you won't have to worry about getting any rags or paint shirts, oh and all the boxes.

There's something almost diabolical about putting our dishes in a box with a giant hazardous sticker slapped on the outside. Our books are in a "Dangerous: Flammable" box as well. Probably because of our copy of Farenheight 451. You can always tell when someone in the lab is going to be moving soon. All of a sudden they just have to order these huge palettes of gloves or 50 ml conical tubes because you may suddenly run out in lab. No, really. I'm just thinking of the lab. Now excuse me while I stash this giant box in my car, he he he.

Our apartment is beginning to look rather cell like again. We've cleaned off most of our bookshelves and packed away all our kitchen supplies that aren't on the "use every day" list.

The walls are the saddest, with all the picture frame hooks still up but no frames in sight. It looks like the Grinch came through and tried to make off with our whohash.

I am the professional packer in our family. From the time I entered college til finally settling in the apartment I've packed all my stuff up and moved every year (and sometimes twice in a year). So I've moved over 10 times in my life. My husband, on the other hand, relied on his dad to show up and organize everything while he would just clean up some little things.

So take that" guys are the only ones good at spatial relations." I can outpack both my husband and his father, filling boxes to their seams and turning a car into a traveling storage unit. The only bad thing about letting on to my talent means I get to shoulder most of the burden of packing all our stuff up. Oh well.

On another tangent, we finally got to see Up this weekend (we were going to try last weekend but what with the house buying and all we were a little busy).

First, even if you have no kids or don't even like kids much you have to see this movie. We went to a matinee (because we're cheap like that) and even though there were lots of kids there they were so excited and awe struck it didn't make a bit of difference.

The short before the movie was adorable and funny (like all of Pixar's shorts) about where babies come from and how even dangerous animals have little babies that need some love too. The other reason you have to go is this is probably the first movie I've ever seen where there is a love story I would be ecstatic if we could emulate.

There's is a wonderful sequence between the main character (the one Ed Asner voices) and his childhood love as they get married, start their new house, suffer through life set backs but rebound and come back together enjoying all the little times just being together. It's maybe a minute in the movie but it carries such an emotional kick, one we both felt as we ourselves are starting out on that early journey as we plan and figure out how to set up our first house.

It's a strong relationship of love built not on Hollywood romance but friendship and memories. Though the rest of the movie is just amazing too it's still that first sequence that sits on my brain. The puppies are really cute too (and I'm still gobsmacked over the animation on the Doberman).

"Even though I have just met you, I already love you." Sounds like most Golden retrievers I know.

Has anyone else seen Up? Did you cry like crazy through the flashback segment like I did?


EthidiumBromide said...

LOL. We ALWAYS have someone collecting boxes to move. When I moved in with my husband, I packed almost exclusively in Fisher Scientific boxes.

Chesney said...

That is on my list to see. Waiting for my 7 yr old nephew to come back to town (my boys claim the are too "old" to see it) Whatever! Sounds like a cute movie!

Kristy said...

I loved UP. The way they show Mr Fredricksen's love for Ellie through out the whole movie was touching. And that first sequence - I definitely teared up.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that the boxes from your lab have double use. If anyone questions you, you could also say you're being more environmentally friendly by reusing them!

I really want to see UP. I doubt we'll see it for a while - the next movie we're seeing is Transformers on the 24th and we're pretty much busy the rest of the time until then!

Linda said...

We have not seen UP yet. I keep hearing that it's a must see though. Maybe I can convince Tai to go.