Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Golden Wedding Dress

When I sat down to use my patented "paper towel" painting technique I didn't just create our soon to be fireplace mantle painting. (I have to show it off again because I just love staring at it. Ooh blue!) I've been trying to come up with more interesting backgrounds for the wedding dress paintings. There's been a bit more color, some texture as I try to break away from just black paint.

So I went through about oh fifty different layers of paint trying to combine red/brown/gold and coming up short when it hit me. Hey, why not just paint it black and then sponge on some gold (though you can still see some of the reds in light so lots of texture). It makes the painting look so much more expensive (though I still cut-my-own-throat when it comes to what I charge for paintings):
I really dug her simple, more modern and straight edged wedding dress. Sometimes the simple dresses can be an even bigger challenge because you can't hide any blemishes behind a piece of tulle or pickup. I think I'm figuring out some good tricks with shadows as well. Take that Lamont Cranston!

I don't know what else to say except this was the 15th wedding dress I've painted! Drop the balloons!

I can't believe I've gotten to do that many in three months. Many many heartfelt thanks to everyone who bought a painting and helped to spread the word out about my store.

If you mention my blog when ordering your own painting there's a very good chance I'll give you a nice upgrade in size or quality of canvas for free. I may even throw in an Introverted Wife fun buck or two.


Caroline said...

Great sketch!

Jenna said...

This is hands down my favorite so far. I love the texture combined with the very simple dress. I might need to have you do one for my sister, but I can't seem to get her to send me a picture of her dress!

Cate Subrosa said...

Amazing blues, it's really gorgeous, well deserving of pride of place in your home.