Friday, June 19, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 198

Every now and again I get the chance to drive about two hours away to pick up some cells for an experiment (we call the experiment killing off macrophages, can we do it faster). It's pretty exciting to break out of the soul sucking dark dungeon of a lab (especially when it's feed the monster day, they always make such a mess out of their fish heads).

And because it's a university they'd much rather I rent one of their cars than just use my own and get reimbursed (bureaucrats, making the world complicated one breath at a time). Which provides a fascinating comedy of errors every time when I get into a different car and have to figure out just where the hell everything is.
To make matters even more complicated I've driven Ford's my whole life, so getting behind a Chevy is a bit of a shock to the system. I fiddled with what I thought was the volume on the radio for a few minutes before I realized that the little knob was actually in charge of skipping on CD's and what I wanted was the huge knob in the middle.

But once I figure out the magical trick to the cruise control (hopefully not while riding behind a truck cruising at 60 mph on the interstate) I crank up my music and I'm happily on my way.

When my husband and I suffered the dark years of our dating life we lived about 3 and a half hours apart. So I got to know and learn the Interstate driving quite well. I'd usually plan the 3 hours of boredom by grabbing a favorite caffeinated beverage and selecting a CD or two that I can sing my head off to.And because I am singing non stop for 3 hours or so, every time I arrive somewhere after a long drive I'm all but mute having wrung my voice box hoarse. Which provides for an interesting reunion *croak* *cough* Water!

I'll still take an empty car on a lonely highway over the cliched shower stall for my operatic debut though.

What do you do to pass the time on long lonely car drives? Do you prefer back highways to interstate driving? I've always loved seeing something of the state as opposed to one long winding road filled with truckers and RV's (the exception is Iowa though. I once drove across the entire state on one highway and was about to go out of my mind from boredom).

And if you see some strange person singing and gesturing wildly in their car feel free to join along.


Chesney said...

I prefer interstate to highway - whatever is fastest - I hate long car rides! And yes, I love jammin' to the ipod - although now the boys think they own it, so I have to listen to their music!

Linda said...

I love long car rides. I think I need a road trip.

Ruby Slippers said...

Same as you - singing, singing all the way. Except my radio is broken and I'm too poor to fix it (has been for a year now), so I just crank on my voice and sing showtunes and Judy Garland and stuff. I had to follow my hubby to get his car painted today (so that we could come home in my car). Apparently he thought it was cute how I was singing along with the radio. He'd forgotten I HAVE no radio...I was just singing along with me.

Jennifer said...

I prefer back roads to interstates...especially in Arizona. Tucson to Phoenix- should be 1hours 45 minutes...but most people try to cut that time down to 1 hour- and we already have a 75mph speed limit. Add to that that it is one of the heaviest truck routes in the country- scary. I sound like suck and old lady.