Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get 'cher Introverted Greeting Cards!

Awe crap. I really did it this time.

I have opened my big mouth and gotten myself stuck helping to do some of the strangest jobs in the past. There was the year or so I was an editor for my dorm hall in college because people realized I know where the hell a comma goes (wherever a comma wants to, of course).

Somehow I wound up painting an entire house's walls and I never once slept in. Then just recently the day before I agreed to play videographer and editor for a friend's wedding.

Just how do I get myself into these situations? I blame my cursed curiosity, helpful nature, oh and my damn creativity.

This time I fear I may have really just painted myself into an M.C. Escher corner. So I made a greeting card once right? And since it was just gathering dust I told my husband to send it to his Mom for Mother's day because all the ones this year were just awful.

It wasn't til it was about half way across Iowa it suddenly hit me. Now they're gonna expect a hand drawn and painted card for every damn holiday til my fingers fall off! And these are huge card people. I fear if Hallmark ever came out with a card for every weekday line we'd be getting a "Hooray it's Wednesday!" card in the mail.

So it's June and that means Father's day is coming up. My husband offered to try and paint a beach scene for his father so I wouldn't have to but I could see behind his eyes that he really didn't want to and I'm not sure if he's ready to move to evil trees yet.

And then there was my little creativity worm gnawing away at my gray matter. Suddenly an idea popped up demanding a little fruition. His Dad is a huge Michigan State fan (what with going there and all) and being one of course means he has to hate Michigan (forgive me but I do not understand these school rivalries. I come from the land of one University so we can only hate ourselves and that seems rather unproductive).

So out came this simple idea:And yes all that little detail is on a card that is normal greeting card sized. I have truly lost what little bit of sense I once had.

I'm sure I'll hear from his family that I should be making cards and selling them again but I am very hesitant for a whole host of reasons. For starters I doubt anyone would really be all that interested in sending my weird paintings to other people to celebrate holidays and the like. Etsy has much more elegant and beautiful options.

I don't really want to get into the printing side of things unless I somehow make an amazing painting that there's a lot of interest in so everyone can get a copy. And finally it's kinda depressing to know that something you spent a few hours working hard on is going to wind up in the trash in a few weeks.

So don't tell anyone else that I can paint a greeting card when I am bored or get an idea okay? I'll just keep it between you and me little blog that I have Sucker written on my forehead.



Shell @ Disappearing Mist said...

Oh no! The stink of skunk would definitely not make me want to go outside!

Porcelain said...

you've recieved an award!!