Sunday, June 14, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 193

After securing a parking spot we called upon our Sherpa and GPS to navigate today's home improvement super stores (if they were so super, you'd think they'd at least wear a cape or something). A few hours of mind bending wanderings through something called the red caulk district and we were upon our destination.

We gathered up as much of the treasure as we could grab and beat a hasty retreat. Not a bad haul if I do say so myself:By far the best part of looking at paint samples is the names. Some pour sap had to come up with a name for every permutation of white Dutch Boy could come up with. And yet the best he could do was Wil o' the wisp? Because when I'm painting my walls I want to be reminded of some eerie lights that only come out on evil days to suck me down into the swamp.

What's next a banshee green? Maybe a werewolf gray?

There are a lot of food ones from honey toast, mushroom, baked bread, popcorn, to spiced vinegar. I really don't want my walls to tempt with their spicy vinegary goodness everyday.

Then there are those that make no sense whatsoever. Baritone is a purple color. Ruffled clam is a brownish gray (though I have no idea what the hell a ruffled clam is). Or for the cerebral or artistic there's "white on white" or for that little girl's room you could put up "sexy pink."

My husband wonders just what color "Satan's Tears" would be. For some reason I imagine it'd be a little gray with some blue mixed in. What would you call your own trademarked paint color?


Linda said...

I love paint colors. I look forward to owning so I can paint each room a different color. Yes, I will have that crazy house!

Chesney said...

Aren't paint samples fun? I just painted my bedroom Mocha brown! Makes me crave coffee every morning when I get up (not that I didn't before...)

Rachel said...

You know, carpet design and color names are just as insane! I swear that the people who have that job drink heavily. And often.

P.S. - my vote for what color "Satan's Tears" would be?? Red. Eeewww.... or yellow!