Monday, June 1, 2009

Quoth the Raven

Every now and again I am asked if I have any plans to use my paintings as decorations or hang them up on the wall.

It takes all my courage to only give them a glowering look as I shriek "Then I'd have to look at them ALL THE TIME!"

Yes when it comes to paintings I am by far my worst critic (well okay me and Rachel's pack of pooches). I have to walk from them for a few days to gain some perspective and to get me to put down the lighter fluid and matches.

I do the same thing with stuff I paint for other people as well. If I don't take a day away from it I will nitpick the poor little painting to death.

But this weekend I sat down and played a bit with an idea I had in my head and loved what came out. (I love my "sponge" technique for the background too).

I am pleased to announce the first painting I've ever made that I know I am going to keep and hang up! I thought it'd be fun to have the raven that sits on top of our bookcase peering at the painting of his relative.

The best part is that I won't have to look at the thing til Halloween either. I'm thinking it needs a mate but I don't know if I should do another raven or something else Halloweeny . I really like my turn at doing silouttes, though I'm not sure what I should do next.

Anyone got any suggestions for what would make a neat black space in a cool background?

Also since it's Monday and rather dull, enjoy this literal translation of the Music Video "Total Eclipse of the Heart (I'm having junior high dance flashbacks right now)." You never really realize just the weird random shit that happens in music video land.

I want some dancing ninjas now.


Linda said...

I like the raven. It would be cool to have another.
I saw that video over the weekend. I was so disappointed that it wasn't the other way around-the video was literally the lyrics. Especially that video since it has nothing to do with the song.

Chesney said...

Cool raven, but where in the heck did you find this video - people w/ too much time LOL

Ruby Slippers said...

The raven immediately makes me think of Quoth the Raven in Terry Pratchett: "Don't say the 'N-word!" Heehee.

I think I need to reread Soul Music now.

Ruby Slippers said...

Thanks for the comment! I knew you HAD to be a PTerry fan, even though he's surprisingly unknown in the US.

I'm keen to see your pics of Death and Ricewind - please post photos when you hang them up, or something! Also, you should do the Death of Rats, because he's just the cutest.:-)