Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old Friend/New Find

Hurray! I made it and I am actually free on Thursday for once. Time for our second rendition of Old Friend/New Find where I highlight blogs I love and new ones I've just discovered.

For my Old Friend (I should make badges or something) I picked none other than Rachel at Girl Learning Along the Way.

I think this also marks the third day in a row I've linked to her, so round of applause for all the linkage. It's some kind of wild record.

Rachel's blog has some great tips and ideas for any fledgling decorators out there as that's her actual day job. She's got posts on great inspiration for rooms and some neat finds and rugs she sees on the job.

She's also incredibly sweet and has a rambunctious pack of painting loving pooches. So if you haven't already on Tuesday or yesterday head over to Girl Learning Along the Way right this very second!

My new Find of the week is also a dog lover, a black lab lover:

She's an East Coaster that loves Lilly P and her doggie Mugz. It's a delightful mix of girly pastels and clothing finds and manly big dog joys and play time. Just a nice way to break through all those stereotypes that only macho guys named Roscoe have big dogs.

Check out Black Labs and Lilly if you love bright light clothes or cute black doggies.

Now I should really get to work on those badges. Hm, maybe if I put a cute little drawing for each one. Would you like one of my badges?

1 comment:

Rachel said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! You're very very sweet! I'll wear my badge with pride!!

You've always been such a great blog-friend to me, I hope I can return the favor.