Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 199

About, oh, 2 months or so ago as spring was beginning to sneak up on us and tempt us with a few warm days I got it into my head that I needed to plant something new for our few pots.

The wild flowers in the window box took off like crazy, the tomatoes are finally beginning to flower but one pot remained strangely empty. I just shrugged it off to not planting and then bringing the pot inside to help it out and ignored the poor barren thing every week saying I really should re-plant but then forgetting.

Fast forward to yesterday and as I'm cleaning out the grill I notice something rather strange.Sprouts. And not just random sprouts of wild seeds that blew in. It's actually what I planted, oregano on one side and dill on the other.

I guess this is some sort of magical time traveling pot (though not the kind most people get excited about). Quick, someone give me a cow that I can trade for a few beans. I gotta try something out.

Oh and once I'm done with this post we're off to play with cute newborn puppies and a newborn baby. There's got to be a joke in the fact that I'm going to see two new moms on father's day but I just can't find it.

Have a happy weekend everyone, anyway.


Chesney said...

Wow, it took awhile for these to sprout up - hardly can wait to hear what they taste like when they are full grown! Have a great weekend, and don't come home w/ a puppy LOL!

Shell @ Disappearing Mist said...

Hooray for slow growing plants! I would love to grow herbs!

Linda said...

Yummy herbs.
Have a great weekend!