Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Etsy Find of the Week - The Occasional Bat

It's almost July and we all know what that means.

ONLY 4 more months til Halloween!

All of you non Halloween fanatics probably think what with the 18 hours of day light, egg frying temperatures and large amounts of swim wear it's a little premature to be dreaming about cool crisp graveyards but well, um, look over there!

Okay I don't have a very good come back but you still have to check out The Occasional Bat.

Look at these adorable Bride and Groom bat pillows:Wedding bats not summery enough for you? Then how about a Mermaid Bat?I'm digging this Flocking Bat. Feels like something out of a cartoon where the bat camouflages itself to blend in with the couch and then attacks when you least expect it.There's even an Easter Bunny Bat:There are birthday bats, flannel PJ bats, and even pirate bats. Go check out The Occasional Bat for all your bat pillow purchases.

And if you think this is gonna be the end of my Halloween obsession you are sadly mistaken.



DeadmansLog said...

You need to know that I'm utterly smitten with these; thanks for posting!

Chesney said...

Only you would be thinking bats in mid June! LOL Even though I am not a bat lover I have to admit, these guys are pretty darn cute!

DarkVelvet said...

Thanks for posting about our bats! There are even more on The Occasional Bat
website if you are looking to pass some time.

The Occasional Bat