Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Etsy Find of the Week - Fairchildart

I am an interesting study in contradictions (I'd try and list them all here but it'd take me a few hours and I don't think you all care that much) and while I am not big into doll houses and dolls really creep me out I love looking at doll house miniatures.

It's the amazing skill and talent to take something you see every day and shrink it down.

So while perusing Etsy hunting for some neat possibly Halloween miniatures I came across Fairchildart and was blown away by the skill in her food creations.

Look at those chips. They even look slightly translucent as if you touched them you'd have to wipe some of the grease away.
A breakfast fit for a king. The little tomato is great, and even though I hate baked beans they look ready to be gobbled up.
A stuffed crust pizza for those late night munchies when Barbie has a slumber party.
This looks like the salad we had last night.
A hamburger platter with some fingers to show just how tiny these really are.
The craftsmanship just blows me away. I'm secretly hoping as October gets closer she'll do some Halloween stuff because it'd be awesome to include one of those pieces in our little Halloween town.

If you're looking for any dollhouse food (or know someone who does) you have to see the cool stuff at Fairchildart. The shop also has some earrings and pendants made from her food sculptures.


Chesney said...

Wow, if I had these around the house I would be hungry all the time LOL

Jennifer said...

wow. awesome.

Jenna said...

It wasn't until I saw the pizza that I realized this food wasn't real. Duh. :)