Monday, July 6, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 215

Before I get to today's pictures I just had to share this comment that was left on my craptastic Fourth of July post (trust me, it's really really REALLY funny)
Fruit Basket Review said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. If you decide to send something besides fruit baskets with poisoned apples, Fruit Basket Review directs you to the best gourmet fruit baskets online and provides fruit basket discount codes, promotional codes, and coupon codes.

Oh spam comments how you delight me in your randomness. Poisoned apple fruit baskets for all!

Anyway, back to today's regularly scheduled programing.
My intrinsic decorating sense is somewhere around that of a sea cucumber. I have a vague sense of colors existing but no idea what to do about it or even if I should care.

So my husband and I have been keeping the few rooms we do have to re-paint rather simple. The more tucked away bathroom is gonna have a forestry look cause we like green and all, and like just about every other bathroom across the country, our main is going to be ocean inspired.

And thus began our never ending quest to find bathroom supplies that remind one of the ocean without getting to campy (IE no sandal shaped soap holders).

I could have sworn a few years ago you couldn't go to any stores bathroom selection without getting hit by a seashell shaped lotion dispenser or a wavey trash basket. We've been to just about every store imaginable trying to hunt down bathroom stuff only to come home dejected and empty handed.

Everyone has gone super classic and boring in the recession. You got your typical shaped toiletries in all the primary colors and that's about it. Oh sure, there may be a few mixed colors but even those are pretty rare.

And that is how we wound up at TJMax on a rainy long weekend.

While they like everyone else didn't have anything we were looking for in bathroom type supplies I found something so cool I had to get it and then take a few pictures to share.
And just what is in this sort of rustic and yet polished box?

A score of tea bags of course (I hope I get a spam comment for tea now). It's a good thing my husband is a fairly avid tea drinker. We should be through this thing in a few months once it cools down a bit.

Now I just have to decide what to do with this box. What would you keep in it if you had a little tea box like this? I'm thinking maybe something in the forest bathroom but I'm not sure.

There was also another box built much like this one only shaped like a book. It's funny just what you find at some of the department store reject stores sometimes. We also made off with a ton of spices, but alas no soap dish.

Have you found any interesting scores recently while hunting for something else? It's also funny whenever we find something interesting or strange at a store and inevitably while we're checking out the cashier always looks at it in awe and asks "I didn't know we had something like this."

Apparently we have a knack for finding weird stuff.


Chesney said...

I love that box - just perfect for cottonballs, nail clippers etc. I love quirky and you have found it!

Linda said...

Trends come and go. Wait a little bit and I'm sure ocean themed bath stuff will be back. I see stuff like that at Target. No luck there?

AmyJean said...

That is an amazing rustic box. I love it!
Relentless Bride

Ruby Slippers said...

Firstly, the spam comment = HILARIOUS. It's like they really thought you were going to send the poisoned apple basket! Fantastic.

Secondly, the tea box will be perfect for little bathroom things that clutter up my windowsill, like cottonwool, ear buds (Q-tips I think you call them?), tweezers, etc.

I'm sorry you guys had a crappy 4th of July, though.