Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poor Mommy

Watching Cali with her littler of 7 all I can think is, poor girl. They'll be off of you soon:The first time I showed off pictures of the puppies I had someone stupidly inquire about how the mother feels about having the pups taken away when they're 8 weeks old.These little guys are only 3 weeks old (they'll be around for another 5) but they're already starting to get teeth and bark and chew on each other. How do you really think mom will feel when she doesn't have to deal with 7 little sharp mouths on her teats?

But enough talking about stupid anthropomorphizing from people who don't understand, time to look at cute puppies:
For some reason my MIL is shocked to see my husband holding a puppy, but they love him. For as long as I've known him dogs and babies just flock to him. (I think they smell a sucker who's going to give in to their demands myself).Already big into the playing though they tucker out fast.
Just look at those little teeth.
Head butt sleeping is also very popular this year in your litters of cute puppies.
Or there's always just using your sister as a head rest.
Don't tell the others but this little girl just might be our favorite. She's the runt and while she has a little attitude to her (definitely not afraid of barking at her much bigger brother) she is also a lot more lovey dovey (nothing like her mother) and enjoys being around people.We won't get to see the puppies again til the beginning of August (at least I hope not or else someone else has died) and they're going to be even bigger and naughtier then. Plus I'll have a whole weekend and probably blow through three memory cards worth of pictures.

It's kinda amazing to watch them go from "fit in the palm of your hand, eyes aren't even open" to being biting and barking little yippers. In a year they'll be adult sized and ransacking the place.

Life sure is an amazing thing sometimes isn't it?


Chesney said...

So....are you taking that cute little girl to your new home?? Looks like you are getting rather attached (but then again who can't fall in love with these little faces)!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I cannot say how cute those puppies are! Lucky you to see them all the time! :)

P.S. I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in for a MeMe award and you can continue it if you so desire - :)