Saturday, July 4, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 213

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope your fourth is looking a lot better than ours right now. We sat inside listening to the oohs and ahs followed by loud bangs and flash of light. Then the heavens opened up and dampened 30 pounds of gun powder:
So we just shot off some champagne poppers, grabbed the filler and played with it in the wind. About the boringest fireworks in the world, really:Ooh!
Um . . .
I think we'll just go back inside and dry off.

For everyone else who isn't thinking about herding two of each animal and trying to figure out what the hell a cubit is, I hope you have a blasting fourth.

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Linda said...

It's too hot for me here. It was 90 yesterday. I'll be trying to avoid getting heat stroke today!