Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 225

And here we get to the really really super duper boring stuff about moving. Deciding just where the hell all our stuff should go.

Don't worry, we still have one room to finish painting and the downstairs bathroom needs some more TLC so I can't get out of the back breaking labor that easily. But we really needed to -- at least -- claim one room as our own, something to show that yes we will be living here and not just sacrificing our time (and probably a few years at the end of our lives) for this thing:Meet our living room complete with new tv stand (courtesy of Target) our new tv (hopefully now we can finally see our teeny tiny characters running around trying to kill giant squid and riding lizards and spiders), our new couch and some fancy new curtains.
Pretty much the only reason we could already have a living room to flop down into in a painting stupor is because everything is new and was sitting in boxes ready to be set up. Instead of taking up space in the apartment.

I did also finally put my painting up over the fireplace. Though the mantle still needs a little work and the whole place in general needs a little readjusting of things.
We still want a few more pieces, like a coffee table, and some more sitting space. Also when I finish the one wedding dress order (I'm gonna attempt a back view this time cause I'm insane) and the angel forest then I think I need a big tree in front of some more blue painting to go behind the TV.

Please remember I am the furthest thing from an interior decorator as they come (I think that makes me a tubeworm with a case of indigestion) so we're just kinda throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

What do you think? Especially any paid professionals who may be reading *cough*Rachel*cough*

And now I am off to sit quietly at my desk and hope I don't have to move for 8 hours. Ah! Could one of you pick me up . . . eh I'll just sleep here tonight.


Linda said...

I love the curtains. The color is perfect. And that couch looks comfy!

Ruby Slippers said...

Your painting look awesome! The colours work so well!

Is it weird that I'm annoyed that I couldn't see what your dvds are because the picture is too small? I'm nosy about what dvds people have. It tells you so much :-)