Friday, July 31, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 240

We've had our house now for about 20 days come noon (I wonder what you get a house for its one month anniversary? Maybe some new mouldings or a fancier light switch face plate. Eh maybe I'll just get mine a nice hat) and while we've dug five hands into a lot of projects we were planning for one still alludes us.

And it's all God's fault. Well okay, God and the weird cold fronts that keep zipping around releasing more moisture on us than a water park's monsoon ride.

For the past 20 days it has rained, misted and been just wet and yucky for a good 14 and a half. And all the days it didn't rain we were off in Chicago and unable to do anything with the house as our robots were on backorder. Just what were we hoping to get accomplished? Why everything outside of course.

Our first week I watched despondent as the grass inched its way up to the sky, waiting until my mother came down with her van so we could purchase a lawn mower and finally cut that sucker down in size (damn uppity grass).

Then I waited, and waited and waited as all the rain turned the ground a nice gooey brown mess. It finally let up for a day last Wednesday and I was able to take the new mower for a spin around the lawn:And then another spin and just one more for good measure to really get the grass chopped down to manageable height before our trip.

Then off to the wedding and back to find, what else, more rain. And one other major can't let it get wet projects was staring at us every day as we eat dinner. We threw caution to the wind yesterday and pulled out our rollers and brushes one last time to water seal the deck:Originally the forecast called for no rain for 48 hours as the water sealant likes so it can soak in good and then it was supposed to rain cats and dogs after that. Just squeak in under the deadline, all nice and tidy like. But we can't have that, no siree bob.

On the drive into work we get to hear the weather, "God has decided we can't have a sealed deck, so he's decided to bump the storm up to tonight. Have a nice day."

If I ever find that guy stuck in rain dance, I'm going to bury him up to his neck in chocolate pudding and smack him in the face with a foam baseball bat for a few hourse. Even if the deck seal does take we still have a garden full of weeds that need some attention and of course despite the deluge the grass is up another 5 inches just because it likes screwing with you (grass is evil I tells ya, evil!).

Is anyone else having to forgo some much needed yard work thank to the wettest summer in recorded history? Can we blame this on El Nino somehow? Maybe revive that insanity and take it to court. I want a million in damages because El Nino wouldn't let me mow my lawn. Also he smells bad and made fun of my cat.


Leslie said...

The easiest way to seal a deck is with a small hand sprayer! Much easier, faster and cleaner than paint brushes. And I wish we had the rain here. We're actually very deprived of water up here right now.

Chesney said...

Look at the bright side, at least you don't have to turn the sprinklers on! :) There is a positive to every negative LOL